Eltim Wine Packaging

Eltim are focused on the manufacture and supply of packaging for the Australian wine industry.


Polystyrene Packaging



Sizes (Bottles) - 1, 2, 3 & 6

Our polystyrene wine packs are the gold standard in protecting your wine in transit. The polystyrene works as both an effective shock absorber to minimise breakage and its insulating properties ensure that the wine is kept at an optimal temperature to minimise spoilage. We recommend our polystyrene products for premium and super premium wines. All sizes come with an optional cardboard outer to improve the presentation of the delivery and allow for even greater protection. Printed options also available.



Sizes (Bottles) - 1, 2, 3, 6 & 12

6 & 12 Bottle Packs
Our cardboard 6 Bottle and 12 Bottle Packs are designed to minimise breakage on larger orders. All 6 and 12 Bottle Boxes come with an insertable divider, designed to ensure a quick and efficient packing process on larger orders. Printed options also available.

Premium Shipper Range
Our cardboard Premium Shippers are our eco-friendly option for premium and super premium wines. These boxes are designed to hold each bottle in place, minimising the risk of breakage in transit. Each Premium Shipper box comes with an easy-to-use foldable insert that allows for an efficient packing process.

Other Packaging Needs?

Got something a little out of the box?
Feel free to get in contact with us about your individual wine packaging needs to find a solution!